Our mission is to build better humans through the education of health and movement.

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We want to meet you! Schedule a stress-free 1-on-1 intro. We want to take the opportunity to get to know you and your goals. We want to make sure that we are the ideal fit to be able to help you reach your goals.  This journey is 100% about you from day one.  We will then discuss who we are and how we intend to help you along your journey. We will answer all of your questions, make sure you are heard, and make a plan to move forward. From there, our assessment is a joint-by-joint breakdown of how your body is currently moving.  This is our starting point for building our program, just for you.




Our elements program is the start of your individualized journey.  This is 1:1 personal training, 100% designed with what you need, where to start, and progressing you at your speed.  Meeting you where you are is an important step to helping you reach your goals successfully.  This program involves corrective exercises, lifestyle discussions, mentorship, strength building, and helping to build your confidence and competence to move you up the mountain toward your goals.




New confidence and competence, moving towards your goals, progresses you into our group class.  BUILT is specially designed with strength and movement focused on human longevity.  Yes, we all want to live longer, as long as we live stronger in those years.  Longevity training looks like controlled movements emphasizing unilateral (single arm/leg) strength.  Moving into our BUILT class will be based on how you feel and move and continual conversations with your professional coach.  We are here to walk this journey with you!

your health

is priceless

Our world-class programming is designed with day-to-day movements in mind.  You should be able to do everything that you want to do, without second thought.  We agree with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon in that “muscle is the organ of longevity.”  See how moving with purpose can change your life! Schedule your free one-on-one assessment today
and start mapping your journey to wellness. 


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Cheri and Andrea founded Element 26 Fitness, LLC home of FeRRUM Athletic Company, in 2012.

Their primary purpose was to bring functional fitness into the Julington Creek area of Jacksonville.  With no other type of fitness facility in the area, their original thoughts were that nobody would show up.  Nine months after opening, they were in need of their first expansion.

Through the years, they have experienced both personal and professional growth. They have recently built a new, studio style gym in the heart of Mandarin. This new location is built on premier personal experience for the coach/client journey.

Their focus is on the continual education of themselves and their staff, for the betterment of their clientele.  Their vision is to build better humans by educating, empowering, and enriching the coach while they guide, value, and educate the client, leading to improved longevity for all. 

When caring for others is the top priority, a fitness professional never spends a day working in their entire life.

work hard

stay humble

It takes work to become healthy and feel good.
It takes consistency to stay there.

We are here to help guide you through the ups and downs of being human. We want to help you hone in on nagging issues that arise on days when you are feeling more human than others. Our professional coaches will help you solve the deeper problems.


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"Over the holiday, my kids said that I'm walking better than they have seen in a long time!  Next summer, my husband and I are planning a vacation instead of knee surgery." - Kristi



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We want to meet you! Schedule a stress-free 1-on-1 intro. We want to take the opportunity to get to know you and your goals.  You will feel seen and heard.  Based off of your joint by joint assessment, we will design a program, just for you, to help you reach those goals.  Your coach with walk with you, step by step, on your journey.  Are you ready?

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